Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Quotable Quotes

We live in an adorable cabin on a ropes course on Center Street in Provo. It was actually a cabin from the 1830s at Lehi Fort and was moved here later. It is cozy. There is room for us to put our bed and a couple of couches and the kids get the entire upstairs for their toys. We kept the carhouse style kid beds beside our bed so kids can sleep near us but not with us. Half the time, well, more than half the time, they are with us anyway. I went to move Johnny boy one night from our bed to his bed right next to ours and I must have been too rough with him because he exclaimed, "Ouch! You hurt my wing!" Hilarious because his favorite game to play is make-believe pet store where he is a bird and Evelyn tries to buy him for her pet. Totally awesome that he dreams of being a bird, too.

Johnny and I started our LLC when we were first married. I was working for Jeff Crook and had been thinking all day of clever names for our joint business while I knew Johnny was filling out paperwork that day. At the end of the day, I was ready to give Johnny my list of good ideas. He actually had already chosen the name, Johnchris, which I thought lacked imagination not to mention contribution from the other 50% partner - me! But it's kind of grown on me and apparently on other members of our family. Johnny boy often does something different with his hair or clothes and says, "Everyone will love it! I will be a new Johnny." Lately, he has been insisting that his name is no longer Johnny. We asked him what his name was and he said, "Johnchris." We must have been talking business too much around him. Then, today, when we left volleyball where I go play and all the kids play on the stage with other offspring of volleyball players, one of the friends said, "See ya' later, Johnchris!" Adorable.

I play tennis with a group of lovely ladies who have been playing for more than 30 years together at the BYU. They all know Grandma Covey and I feel very fortunate to be allowed to play with them. I am definitely the newest kid on the block. They compliment me because I will run down a lob and I'm tall so I'll jump to put something away at the net. Volleyball skills are very transferable to tennis. These ladies don't necessarily play the same way I do. But they are experts at location. They will put the ball where you cannot get it. It is fun to learn that part of the game. We play at the BYU tennis courts and some ladies are spouses of faculty, so they play for free but the rest of us purchase guest passes. You get a wrist band for your guest pass. I usually nurse Scott and run out the door to park at Brick Oven and run right over to play, then run straight home to nurse again. Instead of putting on my wrist band today, I saved it for Johnny, knowing that he would love it. His reaction never disappoints. He said, "I have 2 wristbands." He has a CTR band that he has left on since Primary class on Sunday. "Everyone will think I am too much awesome. Mom, I'm going to tell Dad that you are not a loser." Awesome. Too much Awesome. But don't worry, Johnny. I know I'm not a loser. I played doubles with Steve Young's mother today and she told me that I had wicked net skills. And she was an incredible tennis partner. Totally too much Awesome.

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Katie said...

I love our little "Johnchris"! He has also let me know this is his name that he shall be called! Another great quote was when we had his birthday dinner at mom and dad's and mom told the story of how she had accidentally locked him in the garage behind her without knowing he had followed her in. When she heard him knocking she let him out and felt so bad, but he right away told her he forgave her. So then at the table after telling this story he announced something like "I am going to forgive everyone- and I am never going to stop!"