Cruising With the Coveys

2013 - Johnny, Christine, Johnny, Evelyn, Davis & Scott live in Orem, Utah. Johnny shares his message of self-expression and experience creation with teens. We signed a year and a half lease at what we call the Costco house in Orem, UT. We are excited that this is the neighborhood that our children will go to elementary school in. We are committed to sharing our frameworks with others ( If you would be interested in Johnny coming to speak to your group, let us know.
2011 - Johnny ( wrote a book called The Answer ( Instead of sending him out around the country where the rest of our family would be left alone without him, we decided to stay together for the national book tour. Our solution has come in the form of a 1995 National Dolphin RV. We converted our home on wheels to run on waste vegetable oil. So we gather oil from restaurants that are about to dispose of it and pump it directly into our tank. It has been a great solution for us as we are driving around the country, trying to share The Answer with others. We get to be together as a family. We get to see pieces of this country we live in.
How long will we be out? We don't know. We left Utah August 2011 and anticipate being gone for a year. How are we sharing the book with others? Johnny meets with groups of any size for free and teaches them the perspectiving process.
How do we support our family? After Johnny meets with groups, they can purchase training packages from Johnny.
What is The Answer? It's getting the next step for any question in any area of your life. We are using that process every day. And you can too because the answer is in you. Go online to experience the book at no charge: or watch us on youtube: