Sunday, September 28, 2008

I smell a rat...

Nana Covey called everyone together for a Friday night celebration at Chuck E. Cheese - where a kid can be a kid. Lance was hanging out with Nana because his parents are at Lake Powell with the Black Pearl and friends. It was fun to run around and win tickets and money and eat pizza. However, Chuck is not the most kid friendly character. I think most kids are actually freaked out by him.

Would you really want a picture of your children with a rat? We couldn't resist with the cousins.

Our family picture was amazing. They have a sketch machine that is awesome - even if everyone isn't looking at the same time.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Someone always pays when things are free

Camille won tickets to CATS that was playing in Salt Lake from a blog competition. She generously hosted a girls night out that started with going out to dinner and ended with "not a sound on the pavement". It was such a treat. And they were great seats and it was a fun show. I am pretty sure that it was even more fun because the tickets were free. Thanks, beal!

It was weird for all of us to be without our babies: Johnny Quattro, Nigel Harvey, Laurel & Maisy and Lulu Bug spent the evening with their dads so that we could enjoy the show sans bebes. Weird, but not so much that we couldn't have fun and rush back to them. Seriously, thanks for such a fun night, uncle beal.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

twenty six point two

These shots are just to let you know that this story has a happy ending.

The celebration shot - all 6 C's together. It's been a while.

Shout out to my dad, Scott, and to my sisters, Catie and Carlie-Sue for training for and completing the Top of Utah Logan Marathon. It was so emotional to be there and cheer for them. People can do amazing things. My family members give proof of that. It was fun to be there and even more fun to eat the lime ricky and tator tots at the Burger Bar in celebration. My true confession (well, I have two) is first that I always thought it was the Burger Barn, which I think is a little more quaint than Burger Bar, but oh well. Childhood innocence shattered, I guess. Then, I had a Big Ben Elk Burger and it tasted like cleaning solution to me. I hated it. Everyone else was extolling the virtue of elk meat, but not for this cow eater. No, thank you. The Burger Bar is in Roy, Utah where my dad grew up. He would take us there when we were little and the burgers were as big as my head. HUGE. Now that I'm all grown up, the burgers don't seem as big, although they are significantly bigger (and better) than your Big Mac (except I would choose the Mac over the elk meat every day of the week despite Morgan Spurlock's research).

We were set up on the 24 mile marker and there were some energetic drummers right behind supporting the marathon. It was awesome because every runner would look at the drummers as they climbed the hill and we were right there so we got to look into everyone's face - all of these crazed masochists, fighting and accomplishing and conquering. It was beyond inspiring. I was in tears as I watched two women running together - one holding the other's arm for support so she could keep going. Incredible to see the human spirit prevail.

It was a wonderful day and I'm so proud of all of us. It was hard work to cheer. I was exhausted by the end of the day, truly and I didn't run one step. Congratulations to Dad, Catie and Carlie for the thousands of steps they did run. I'm proud to be your daughter/sister.

The cheerleaders camped out at different spots of the race trail. Divide and conquer, people.

This absolutely epitomizes my dad to me - reaching out to some little kid who is totally excited to be acknowledged by the tall buff guy that just might be Mr. Clean incarnate. My dad rocks.

I don't really understand why she is smiling...masochism is a complex disease to understand.

The pace setter wraps it up.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Mellow Yellow

Johnny is such a mellow and fun kid. He hardly ever cries. When he does, you know he's trying to communicate something to you. (i.e. I'm hungry, I'm tired, I have poop touching my bum, I want to pinch you, etc.) Even in the womb, he was mellow. This is Johnny giving me the A-OK sign at about 4 months. Can you see the three fingers sticking up in the A-OK gesture? This kid is adorable.

And here is happy go lucky Johnny with his auntie caui (rhymes with maui) proving that he's just got so much to smile about (because the food, sleep, poop, pinching needs have been met. Someone needs to cut that kids fingernails because his pinch is deadly).

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Back to School!

Johnny Quattro and I thought we should put on our glasses to help us to feel smart since I am going back to school this week. The first week of class is officially over and it went well enough that I decided not to quit. It's my last semester of classes and then I just have to write my thesis. Hello, light at the end of the tunnel!

I have already got a parking ticket on my student account, however I was not the driver. Not to point any fingers, but his name rhymes with Schmon Huvee and he is not 10 months old if that narrows it down for you.

Johnny also donned a special T-shirt welcoming home Aunt Collette from the land of summer pest-control sales. If you can't read it, the T-shirt says, "You're looking at 1 BIG Collette Fan". We decided it wasn't blaspheme to cover up the cougar because collette and cougar share the same first 2 letters, so it was only a partial cover up. Welcome home, Collette! We are so happy you are back and safe and loaded with money. You rock!