Monday, November 12, 2012

Happy Birthday, Johnny!

Johnny boy is turning five
A magical age we hear
His imagination is coming alive
He's been waiting for this day all year

We're celebrating at the magical fire pit
It's going to be magically cold
Come show that you've got true grit
Hot chocolate will help you be bold

We'll roast dogs and 'mallows on a stick
Then we'll go in for magical cake
You're guaranteed to see a magic trick
It will be fun, there's no mistake

Monday, November 12 
6 - 7 pm 
At our new house - the cabin by CLAS ropes course
Dress warm! Turn in and park anywhere

We attempted a fire pit, but to no avail. We will just say we are grateful we did not burn the cabin down. It was a great day. How can you go wrong starting your day off with a doughnut filled with candles? And a rainbow cake? With sprinkles? And getting showered with gifts? And a birthday hat? We started off making Johnny hunt for his presents hidden around the house. He played Hot, Cold and found each one. He was so excited. Then we spent the whole day putting candles into every meal and snack in between. And lighting and singing and blowing them out. We finished with the family party and Johnny loved every second. Happy Birthday, sweet boy. Your imagination is truly incredible. You are so good at sharing with others. Tom Felt was impressed you gave away your Halloween candy to everyone in the room even though you didn't have very much in your bag. You are kind and quick to forgive. And you are full of wonder at the simple joys of childhood like rainbows on the wall from my wedding ring and a pile of leaves in the front yard and using my phone to take pictures of your siblings. You are our Johnny boy. Happy Birthday, baby.

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