Saturday, March 24, 2012

Rhymes with Sheen Shoeseum and Polling

Our dad works from home. And from libraries. And from the Anderson's basement. And from the carhouse. I love the end of the day, or the middle of the day when he takes his lunch break or the beginning of the day when we are all together in our bed, when Johnny wrestles and tickles his kids. We love to all be together. It's why we chose the carhouse lifestyle and it's why we will go back to the carhouse lifestyle after Scotty is born. I like to see my husband every day. And this Saturday, our dad worked all day and then we went out for some fun. We want to take advantage of the best parts of Provo while we are here.

The Bean Museum. Evelyn and Johnny were totally willing to pet the snake, the turtle and the bearded dragon at the live reptile show. Johnny brought me his toy turtle later in the week and asked when it would move? And who turned all those birds into statues? That's not nice, mom. I tried to explain taxidermy but he still said that was not nice and he wishes they would move. I think he thinks all of his toys used to be alive until someone turned them into statues...

Evelyn taking a rest by the arctic wolf. You can see the spikes in her side ponytail from her under-aged and unauthorized haircut. I can't get it out of them if it was Eve cutting her own hair or Johnny helping her out. Johnny cut his flush to his head, but the rest of his hair is so long, it covers it up. I keep postponing his next authorized hair cut because I don't want to expose the bald spot.
Bowling was a hit for everyone except Johnny. He sulked and sipped soda while sitting on the sidelines. So silly.
Eve dropped a bowling ball on her toe. Ouch. And you know she means bidness when homegirl puts her hand on her hip. Davis kept picking up bowling balls from the dispenser and walking around with them. Cute, but dangerous.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Iron Chef Marriott America

We stayed at Mountainside Marriott Resort, thanks to Aunt Marilyn's generosity. She let us use her week there because her plans changed at the last minute. Something about a wedding going on and needing to prepare for that...We took full advantage of watching the skiers right out our window, the hot tub despite warnings for pregnant people and children, the kids zone, the gym we walked through as the best short cut to the lobby but never used, luggage carts that we transported kids on and tums from the desk clerk when I had another stomach acid attack. Lovely trip.

We also won the illustrious title of Iron Chef Marriott America. Coconut was the ingredient. We made coconut peanut brittle, coconut chocolate chip cookies and a coconut fruit smoothie. It was fun. And out of thousands of Mountainside Marriott guests, we won! Even though the only other guest that registered to compete was a ten year old...We are the champions!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Say Yes to the Dress (up, that is...)

I love that we live down the street from each other. And I further love that everyone loves to play dress up. And the fact that Nigel was determined to fit in the 18 month old batman costume. Adorable.