Thursday, September 29, 2011

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Happy Birthday!

Davis, we love you. Happy Birthday, sweet boy.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Last boat trip of the season

We came home from being on the road and one of the first things we did was to hit the water for the last trip of the season. Fun. Cold. Mostly just hanging out on the boat rather than driving around. The kids sun bathed with Nana on the tube. And we forgot their life jackets so they went old-school style.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Cousin Power, Take 3

We got to visit the Smiths in Reno on our way home for October. It was so fun to be with them and get a peak at their daily schedule. Johnny had fun in the backyard on the tramp. Thank goodness their neighbors have a motorhome too because they were excited to talk to us about ours rather than upset that we parked there overnight. Yay for family.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Getting official

You know you are the real deal when you have your website decal up on the back of your motorhome above the dolphins. Don't worry, we are going to strip the dolphins off and replace them with a covey of quail. How many make a covey, anyway?

It's here. It's live. It's waiting for you to go check it out...

Super Star

There is something wonderful about holding a baby. They are so pure and full of love. Davis was on rock star status while we visited Grandpa Dee Frederick Davis and Bruce & Robin & Kinzie Davis. It was awesome to watch him interact with everyone. Fun trip. Amazing aviary in the backyard that I never took a picture of, but Johnny loved talking to Millie, the hen (because she has a million spots on her feathers) and Sherby, the princess of wales parakeet (because she looks like rainbow sherbet).
Speaking of rainbow sherbet, Johnny offered me some once, thinking it was my favorite.
M: What? You don't know me! I don't like sherbet.
J: What? You had it at our wedding reception!
M: That is because it was cheap and I thought it was elegant in my waffle bowls and champagne glasses. And because my mom gave me a wedding budget and I got to keep every penny I saved so I ordered sherbet from BYU. Ok? Can we go back to being soulmates who know eachother now?

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Cousin Power, Take 2

We got to visit the Bennetts in their new house in Livermore, CA. It was amazing - great neighborhood, awesome back yard deck, tennis courts, swimming pool and fun private playground. The cousins had fun reconnecting. We look forward to when we can be together again!

Where did the year go?

Davis is like a grown man. Standing up on his own, 4 teeth in his mouth with one more trying to cut through, clapping his hands and waving goodbye. This boy is growing up. Time is unmerciful - marching and marching and forgetting to go slowly when I want it to go slowly and especially ignoring my pleas to speed up when something seems unbearable. This boy is pure joy. He is cheerful. He is adorable. He makes me want another baby because he is no longer a baby. He won't have his first birthday until September 27, but I know as soon as I blink, that will be over, so here's to Davey.

Good Morning, Sunshine!

Our daily morning conversation:

M(for mom): Good morning, sunshine! How are you?
E(for Evelyn): Gooooood (as she stretches awake)
M: Did you have a good sleepies?
E: Yeeeeeees (as she smiles and gives me this cute face. I. can. not. stand. it.)

Summer Lovin'

Take a picture 'bout me, mama!

Water Weinies

Pools are awesome in the summer heat. We have been swimming a lot. Johnny will doggy paddle with his life jacket on. "Look at me! I'm swimming!" Evelyn got her first taste of chlorine on accident when she walked off a step expecting it to have continued for her - love the life jackets with the handle on the back of the neck. Davis went crazy for the water. I was totally hesitant but our friend took him on his first motor boat ride and Davey loved it. Swimming is a great way to get your kids to go to bed when you want them to. It was my go-to tactic for wearing little people out in Merced. Thanks to everyone who hosted us and let us use their swimming pools.

Freckle face

What used to offend me as a child is now beautiful to me especially as I see it on my children.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Go Ducks!

Welcome to your mission, Elder Covey. We love you so much and pray for your success. FEARLESS via FAITH

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Hair Cut Candidate

More grammar lessons. Some people say cannidut. It's candidate. And here is definitely a hair cut candidate.

Lie berry

Remember how some people say, Lie Berry? Sorry if you are one of those people. It's Library. It's home away from the home on wheels that we're in while we're away from home. Libraries and parks. My kids are actually learning what it means to be quiet. Sacrament meeting and libraries can sometimes elicit a quiet voice from both of them and sometimes even at the same time.