Monday, November 10, 2014

Summer fun

Locked and loaded ready to rock seven peaks. We still have our pass of all passes going strong.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Thumbs up

When Johnny boy was in utero he gave me an A-OK sign because I was so nervous that something was wrong with him. Here is his 6 year old assurance that everything is still going to be just fine. 

Lee and Lacey

We went to Cowabunga Bay with Lee and minus the dark clouds and winds, we had a great time. It was fun to have everyone together minus that time where I lost Davis in the lazy river. 
We stayed until the last possible second and everything was super smooth minus the seven times the party van broke down. Family fun credit to Utah Foster Care for hosting all of us minus our dad who was in Florida with Tony Robbins. Check out those biceps!


The many faces of Evelyn Covey

Cousin power

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Squishy face

King of the Cousins

Cousin power

Cinderelli, Cinderelli! Night and day it's Cinderelli

Thank you, pass of all passes. We went to Scera Park for Cinderella. It was fun. The treats are always my favorite part. 

Parking perks

I've never seen close parking for pregnant people but I took it! We stopped at Little Caesars in Idaho and gave the party van a little break from the brutal drive. We coasted in to the gas station. Nothing was wrong and so we made it home without any other problems. 

Hebgen 2014, take one

"Lego" Club

When it was my turn in the rotation this summer, we would just hit up the pirate park. We own no Legos! That seems blasphemous but I never liked the choking hazard or the clean up commitment. Sorry, friends. But we love a good life. Left to right: Evelyn, Celia, Sam, Johnny, Porter, Nate. 

Double belly

Preschool graduation

Congratulations, Evelyn! Johnny definitely thinks you better stay in school. 
Or else! Cannon Koapua gave you a candy lei. 

Bad Joke

What do you get when you're on third base and your coach sends you to steal home? A fractured foot! Lacey took it like a champ but x-rays show that her foot was fractured. She slid in home and was totally safe despite being called out by the umpire. Her muscle actually pulled a sliver of bone away from her foot. She had to wear a boot and brace and ice and elevate for quite a while. We ended up missing most of the rest of the season but it was fun. Cay was there for the slide and we all went to InstaCare for the results. Nancy, our case worker, even came with the bad news that we had to get a new worker. So sad. But at least Lacey looks good in a wheel chair. 

Well orchestrated

Lacey's orchestra concert at Lakeridge went well. Ben plays the violin near Lacey's viola section. Brandle is always a good support. You can see Lacey in the very back in the middle. It looks like someone's bow is about to go up her nose. 
Lee and Lacey! We wish we could take one of Lee's awesome animals with us when we go but visiting is enough for now. Lee has a turtle and chihuahuas. The only weird thing is that one of them is named...Lacey. They look so much alike. Lee and Lacey, that is. Not Lacey and Lacey. 

Muddy Buddy

This was the cutest evidence of little people I've ever seen. I'm not sure who did it. Mud games in our front yard on 900 East are very common. We put the hose on the dirt hole and everyone lathers up. Someone high fived the Saturn. So much cuter than when little people draw on the walls...

Birthday boy

Happy Birthday, Scotty! 
You are growing up so fast. You love to wrestle with Davis and you have lots of fun. You're so grown up! You can talk so well and you love to play in the mud. You make the cutest and funniest faces. You have really great expression. I love you so much you're such a big boy.

Field Trip

We went with Johnny's class to Hogle Zoo. It is Miss Melissa's kindergarten class with Miss Jenny as the aid. Johnny went crazy for all the animals. And he is a natural climber. He can make it up any pole. Johnny thought this ape might have been in uh-oh time on the perch. Fun day! Olivia was in our group and in our carpool this year. She was Johnny's first puppy love. 

Happy Birthday, Eve!

Happy Birthday, sweet Evelyn. You are five years old! You are so grown up. I love having you near me. You are so eager to help and you are sweet and kind to all these brothers. You are so smart! You are in Ms. Lynn's preschool class at Hillcrest Elementary. Nannie and Beepa let you choose at build a bear and you got Rarity from My Little Pony with skates! You shopped with Katie Mangus for your pink bunny from Grandma and Papa Covey. And you share that bunny with Scott. You are so tender and thoughtful to people around you. I love you, sweet girl.