Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Dress to Impress

October is such a fun month to me. I love fall, the changing of the leaves, watching my kids experience dressing up for a purpose. Because they dress up all the time. But this time they get candy for it. Trick or Treating blew Johnny's mind. We only rang 10 doorbells and then the parents were finished. But it was magical while it lasted. Johnny had wanted to be a parrot for quite a while. He changed his request once or twice but came round to parrot again by the time Halloween actually came. So Evelyn and Davis were his pirates. The witch's brew was a hit. And the Felt family came out of the woodwork in full costume. Happy Halloween!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Daddy Daughter Dancing

This man is an excellent dancer. I knew I could marry him when he took me dancing on our first date and he could put me up in the air. This girl is a babe. She sings songs to Scotty all the time. This is a Scotty scong. (Not a typo) You are my Scotty. Sleep, baby, sleep. I love Scotty. Adorable. She brought home a picture from nursery that shocked me. It had her name on it filled in by the the teacher for the phrase My name is _______. Then the teacher had written the shocker with the number 3. I have ___ brothers. What? She has 3 brothers! It was shocking to see on paper even though of course we live it and I know it. She's my girl. And she's the only sister. Crazy! This dancing happens fairly often, but was captured on film at McKenzie Felt's dreamy wedding. Thanks for the picture!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Everything I need to know, I learned from my brother

I have been writing this out in my mind for months. I am so humbled and inspired by my family. Specifically, by my brother. My brother rocks. My son bears my brother's middle name. I love my brother so much. I feel selfish calling him mine because how can you have ownership over a person? And he is not selfish. He doesn't call things his. He gives them away freely. He fills your tank of gas when you don't have any money to fill it but he has no idea that you have no money in your bank account. He listens to the voice that says, "Get out of the car and start walking over to your nephew" to be there to help my son when he was hurt before he was even hurt. My brother is kind. My brother is patient. My brother is willing to wait for me to learn my own lessons on my own timing. My brother shows me that it's okay to love a hypocrite. And loving a hypocrite just might help the hypocrite change and affect her eternal salvation. My brother is willing to overlook my pettiness. My brother is able to bear his burdens gently. My brother is able to forgive when I am part of his burden. My brother is a good uncle and a dedicated son. My brother will play catch with me and appreciate all the memories that come with an old leather glove marked DAVIS with a sharpie. My brother is a passionate man. My brother is a hard worker. My brother is a team player. My brother has love that endures and waits and hopes. My brother is full of charity. My brother teaches me without rubbing in the fact that he is my younger brother. My brother teaches me without rubbing in the fact that I have made covenants to follow Someone who it turns out my brother is showing me how to be more like even when I thought I was like Him and that I could somehow show my brother a thing or two. How humiliating. Not humiliating, like getting a wedgie at the drinking fountain from your older sister, but humiliating as in filling me with humility and repentance to see others as God, our father, sees them. My brother is forgiving and mercifully forgetful. My brother is willing to be my brother even though I don't understand all aspects of who he is and yet he constantly reaches out to me even when I haven't had a solid track record of reaching out to him. My brother is handsome. My brother looks like his dad. My brother has a mustache and tattoos and piercings. My brother is attracted to men. Happy half-birthday, brother. Thank God for brothers. I'm so glad I can call you brother. I love you.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

John Davis

I've called him Johnny boy for so long, it's strange to write his name out. This kid is always pretending to be some kind of animal, unless he's pretending to be a corpse...Papa and Nana took us out to Provo Beach Resort and they were decorated for Halloween on their croquet course. Johnny's favorite part was the animal displays. He is pretending to be a fish. What a babe.

Saturday, October 13, 2012


Game day is awesome when you win no matter what! The Beavers took the win on the field and Scott takes the win for cutest Cougar. Elder Covey mailed a Beavers t-shirt because he was serving in Corvallis. It was a great day in the Covey house because we didn't care who won. We were cheering for every play. I'm almost sure Holly, Cutter, Breaker and Raeder Mendenhall felt the same way because Bronco played safety and linebacker and was team captain for OSU during his college football career. He also got his master's degree there and was defensive coordinator. It was a win-win today no matter what happened. The Beavers took the W on their record 42-24. Go Beavers. Go Cougars. Go Elder Covey!!!

Chalk the Princess Block

We went to Chalk the Block at the Riverwoods. I neglected to take a picture of the chalk art that Evelyn spilled her water bottle on, but I did however snap a picture of Eve with the princesses at the Hale Center Theater booth. It totally made up for missing Rapunzel at Disneyland. 

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Park City Paradise

Mom let us have her Marriott Park City time. It was very fun to slip up and hang out as a family and wear life jackets in the snow. It was the first snow of the season. The pool was half inside and half out. Very fun for the little people since we swam all winter last year in California. We used the luggage carts to transport children from one place to another. The drive home was white knuckled since the snow was freaky on the highway going up and down the inclines in the canyon in a rear-wheel drive vehicle. What were we thinking? But we made it. And it was a fun getaway.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Special Occasion

It doesn't take much to get dressed up in our house. We're willing to jazz up any occasion. I'm always putting on the black stretchy pants. As in every day. And nothing says special occasion like black stretchy pants. Scott has to work to keep his outfits up to par in this family. I'd say he's doing a pretty good job so far. 

Semi-annual General Conference

Annual General Conference is in April. Semi-annual hits us up in October. Fun fact for you. It was so fun to be with Mangus' and we took a bike ride in the canyon in between Saturday sessions. We blitzed caramel apples while the men went to priesthood and went to visit Tammy Lee Jett, the tiniest human I've seen in a long time. Van made crepes. Nana and Papa took kids on the 4 wheeler. Prophets of God bore testimony and taught truth. I felt especially the urgency of the second coming of the Messiah. The Savior is coming and more and more I am going to be peculiar from the world. And that is a good thing. And I can make that distinction with all the confidence in the world because God's ways are not my ways, but I have chosen Him. I also felt the urgency of my parenting choices. My children will pretty much solidify their personalities in the next few years and I am excited to step it up to cultivate their best qualities that they came with and to teach them to love and to serve on another and to have faith and to repent. General Conference was fantastic this time around. Especially because Scotty learned his dad's favorite trick.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

And that was when I kissed her

Johnny and I went out to a glow in the dark dance. It started with a whisper, meaning, after a night of dancing with other sweaty glow in the dark people, we got to hear that guy from that band sing his song. The venue was totally awesome. Our cousin uses it to recruit people to his sales team. It was an impressive evening with JDawg's and Sammy's catering. Yum. Very effective recruiting technique as opposed to TrendWest sales technique, where they bully you or shame you or hold you hostage for three hours to try to wear you down into saying yes to their 18% interest rate. I'll know I'm grown up when I own TrendWest, just not purchased directly from them. It's cheaper to pay cash online. Maybe if TrendWest switched to glow in the dark dance parties, they would have a higher closing rate...