Thursday, January 28, 2010

Kid Friendly

Neighbor Boy (with hands over his eyes): One. Two. Three.
Ila (running away to hide but apparently doesn't think she has enough time): Count to 20!
Neighbor Boy: No! I don't know how!

Neighbor Boys (after making a sign and asking for help on how to spell): No girls allowed!
Christine: You're going to like girls some day.
Neighbor Boy: Yeah, but that's when we're adults and right now we are kids. We need some space.

Ila (after making a sign of her own without help spelling but it was a picture of the two boys that were keeping them out of their fort): You can't come onto our property.
Ruby: Yes, you can. Come on.

After 30 minutes of boys versus girls, everyone reconciled because Chipmunk Adventures was in the same room.
Neighbor Boy: We can all be in the same room.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Staycation 2009

Our Staycation 2009 was a blast. Instead of driving up to Montana to snowmobile into Zamm Cabin, we decided to save the 12 hours of driving and stay home. The cool part is that Mom and Dad provided a budget for food and fun while we all camped out at the house.

We went snowmobiling in Heber and then again up the canyon by Sundance. Quite honestly, I more enjoyed the hot chocolate and reading while everyone else snowmobiled and snowshoed around. True vacation to me means being able to read whatever I want to be reading for as long as I want to. Thank goodness Mom supplied all the books. I asked Johnny if I could sit in front of him and read with the cover of the windshield on the snowmobile, but he said no. A good time was had by all, regardless of the activity. We were bundled or cuddled for warmth, so it's hard to tell who is who. Just know that we're all smiling beneath the layers.

You know how they say you go to all the effort to get your child a toy and they end up playing with the wrapping paper longer than the toy? Well, the boys found a toy. I'm not referring to the two year olds it was purchased for. Nana got a huge pirate ship playset for the little boys. But the big boys ended up playing with the pirates for hours. HOURS. I was reading, so I didn't mind at all. They made up a game where you slide the pirate across the table and see how far you can slide him without making him fall off the table. The winners were tied with half a foot off the table. Very impressive.

It was a fun staycation. We watched movies, made yummy food, played card games and had fun. Thanks for hosting us, Nana and Papa.

Blue Christmas

Yes, his lips are blue. It's a candy cane.

Yes, he is wearing a robe. He was one of the shepherds. We read and sang the Nativity from Luke 2. I really like this tradition.

The other fun tradition is Christmas Eve bingo. Mom & Dad pull out all the stops for fantastic prizes and may the best bingo-er win. Everyone's a winner in this family, but after winning 4 times, I only started saying bingo in my mind so I wouldn't make other people feel bad.

You know it's going to be fun when you hear authentic sleigh bells ringing and Santa walks in the room. It was fun to watch when the kids got to sit on Santa's lap and they got presents. Thanks, Santa!

Even the big boys got presents!

Christmas morning started together upstairs and then go down youngest to oldest to find your treasures from Santa.

Johnny just did some quality control on Afton's tricycle. Yep, it's good.

Christmas Evelyn

The girls at Grandma and Papa's Christmas Day brunch.