Thursday, July 30, 2009

Classique Nautique

Row that boat, boys!

Nigel got the better end of the modesty endeavor.

Nigel Harvey

Evidence of fruit smoothie for breakfast. Soccer ball, tine! Soccer ball.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

We love you, Beepa

This is for Beal. And Beepa.

FYI Nigel ate eggplant, bell pepper, squash, zucchini, asparagus and ONION off the grill for dinner tonight. What a champ.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Blessed honored Pioneer

Happy Birthday, Papa Covey! Lots of the aunts and cousins (who did not have sprained ankles from playing volleyball) ran in the Provo 24th of July 5K/10K races. When Papa crossed the finish line, the announcer (who is his friend) called out his name and wished him a happy 74th birthday. What a great man - running so far at such a time in his life - so impressive.

After the run, we all gathered to celebrate, swim & eat. It was so fun to be together.

Evelyn is such an angel and sporting her first swimming suit.

We match!

Johnny boy learned to say (but hopefully not cut the) cheese!

Lance wins the enunciation award with Evelyn's name. He is so cute when he sees her - running up to her and giving her kisses.

Hanging out with everyone in the shallow end

Our third family picture

Happy Pioneer Day!

Yeah, that's the good stuff

My friend, Heidi, treated me to a Kenny Chesney concert. What a fantastic gift! It was so fun to go out to eat and catch up on each others' lives and enjoy the concert. Too bad I didn't wear my tube top. I would have fit in a little more.

Yeah, Kenny was great, but I was happy to meet a new band - Lady Antebellum. They signed autographs and shook hands afterward. How darling is that? I am so happy for them that they are living their dream. I know it's their dream because the main singer dude had it tattoo'd so on his arm. "All your life you were only waiting for this moment to arise".

That made me think about when an American Idol winner sang "Some people wait a lifetime for a moment like this" and I actually think it's the other way around that people are only willing to wait a moment for a lifetime of wonderful. With our carnal impatience, we sacrifice awesomeness. Being willing to work and sacrifice and wait usually results in good things. God is a rewarder of those that diligently seek Him. I truly believe that.

I'm happy because I am living my dream. I love my family. They love me, despite when I'm not my best version of myself. My family helps me to want to be my best self. Thank you, Lady A for a great night of music (wish your set was longer and that the temperature was cooler) and thanks for smiling and shaking hands after and for sporting a tattoo that helped me reflect on truth. It made for a wonderful evening.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Chuck, the photographer

He's versatile. He makes kids laugh, he dances up a storm, he's a friend to you and me, and he is our faithful family photographer. Chuck E. Cheese

Remember this?

I think this kid looks like his dad.

Don't worry about the fact that his dad was 8 months old in his picture and the current Johnny boy is 20 months and they look the same size. You'll beef up, Johnny boy. And I predict that you'll be taller than your dad. Which by default means you'll be taller than me. Even though every once in a while I challenge your dad to a measurement contest because for some reason I feel taller than him.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Girls Camp

Johnny boy (and his dad) got to go to their first year of girls camp. Johnny volunteered to be one of the priesthood leaders and I volunteered to bring my whole family and make a trip out of it.

We went to Hanna, Utah tucked away in Duchesne county. It was tons of fun - 50 girls sleeping in bunkbeds.

(pretend camping for sure because I got to sleep in the house on the property) and good food cooked in an awesome outdoor kitchen and covered pavilion. Thank goodness for covered because it rained on us. I know, I know - it was high class hardly considered camping, but it was fun. Our girls got to bond with nature and with each other.

I hardly held Evelyn the ENTIRE time.

Perhaps some girls were more excited to hold her than others.

Johnny was the star of camp - #1 hottie in red pajamas.

A little Marilyn Monroe-esque pose...

Johnny emceed the skit night and showed off all of his secret talents. Ask for a Chewbacca demonstration if you haven't already enjoyed one.

Country boys and girls getting down at girls camp.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I feel like a (young) woman...

We are a brand new presidency called to serve the Young Women in the Lehi Utah 43 ward. I'm excited to try to get know everyone. We've had a lot of fun activities so far and I'm most looking forward to Youth Conference Friday and Saturday, July 17-18. The kids are going to do a day long service project and then a party Friday night. Saturday will be short classes all day where kids can hear from people who have been there and done that - a mini EFY.

This summer, the stake is planning a program to help all the girls get ready for a 5K run/walk in September. There is a meeting tonight at 7 pm at the stake center on 1200 East from Susannah Lew. She will talk about goal setting and tell her experiences from non-runner to marathon runner. I actually saw her last year when I was cheering for my dad and sisters in the Logan marathon. It was awesome to cheer for her, too.

Here we are: From left to right
Christine Covey, Tiffany Riley, Mia Chipman & Joan Hall. This picture is totally unfair. I'm way taller than the picture shows. I'm scrunched down to be close to Tiffany. :) Not that she's short. Just that I'm tall...

Called to serve you. You know who you are.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I should be sponsored by Reader's Digest

Eventually I am going to make money off of all these hilarious children.

At the park today, we were splashing around in some puddles created by the sprinklers with Johnny boy and 2 of our neighbor girls age 7 and 4. Johnny was completely soaked and I had him out in the sun to dry.

Me: Isn't this sunshine beautiful? It's so nice and warm.

7 year old neighbor: Yeah, there is not one single cloud in the sky.

Me: I hope we don't get sunburned.

7 year old neighbor: Yeah, look how tan I am. I am so tan.

(Then, after looking at me)

7 year old neighbor: You are not tan...not at all.

At home we made lemonade for the lemonade/chocolate cookie stand and another little friend was helping me make the refill. He is 3 years old and was a pro. It's obvious his mom lets him help make stuff because of how comfortable he was pouring in the sugar and stirring. I asked him to take a taste test.

3 year old neighbor: This needs some more sugar because it tastes a little like nasty.