Wednesday, October 16, 2013

October Fest

It's nothing but vampires and jack o lanterns and we even have some vampire jack o lanterns here at our house. Evelyn has been singing her songs from preschool. Its adorable. Welcome October, people. Sing along like you know it. Five little pumpkins sitting on the gate. The first one said oh my its getting late. The second one said there are witches in the air. The third one said we don't care. The fourth one said lets run and run and run. The fifth one said its only Halloween fun!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Spidey donut kind of birthday

What a cutie. He is in birthday heaven with chocolate plus Spiderman. Totally awesome. Three years of awesome on earth for this kid. He brings happy and funny and violence to my heart. He is always and forever wrestling and beating up his brothers. He gave away his three foot tall dragon to his brother who asked him for it. What a rock star.

Howdy, Pardner

My partner. My lover. My bebe. My man. So grateful for the life we create together. So humbled by all we have together.


This boy is coming into himself. Love it. Love him. He is using so many words to communicate what he wants. He cuddles his blanket. He wants to do everything he sees happening around him. He sat in the boxcar lawnmower train at Hee Haw tonight. Thank you Jimmy for hosting our family of eight and two friends extra. That was so fun to bring home pumpkins and slide down the plastic mountain on a gunny sack not to mention the yummy Dunford donuts and hot chocolate. Yum. I love you more than the four donuts I ate, Scotty...

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Let's go ride a bike. Up to the highest height.

None of my kids know how to ride a bike. Davis wanted to put all the gear on. He is an animal. He gets all the third child benefits. He sees everyone do everything age appropriately and then he wants to join in and gets to learn everything early. This photo may or may not be in black and white because his inherited bike and helmet may or may not be pink. High ho, ranger and away.

Six pack intact

This boy has abs, man. He is so strong. I'm crossing my fingers and trying to nurture a gentle kind of strong. Like his dad that beat up the mean boys who were teasing his little sister. That is at least admirable violence. We will see. He's famous for wrestling his neighbor little brother in a violent way that always ends in tears from the poor one year old. I wonder if Scotty will catch up and repay Dave for all the lessons he is learning. I also love the full sleeves Davis applied to himself. This kid is awesome.

Dreams Do Come True

Johnny came to the pet store tonight so sad because he saw every animal possible, including the ball python that his daddy wanted so bad when he was little, but did not see any kittens. Found them!!!!!