Sunday, April 27, 2008

Party of 5?

We went to our parent's house for Sunday dinner and there were only 5 places set at the table. Weird! Katie, Michael, Camille, Lance and Collette were missing.

These pictures are specifically posted to keep our dear sister, Collette, in the loop so she can see her cute nephews. Collette is gone for the summer doing sales in southern California. Collette is such a hard worker and so good at talking to people that we are sure she's going to have a great experience. This is for you, Collettie!

Here is Lance after Nana introduced him to whipped cream.

Here is Christine modeling the necklaces that Mom Covey picked out the coral and strung herself to give all of the sisters while she was in Israel. I'm not really a necklace kind of girl, but this coral came from the Red Sea, so it is one of two necklaces that I own and have actually worn.

Here are Mom and Dad Covey in Israel.

And we will finish this montage with pictures from Laurel and Maisy Stevenson's baby blessing last week.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Rise and Shout!

When BYU beat Utah at the Rice-Eccles stadium 33-31 in 2006 with that final Beck-Harline connect in the end zone, our entire family marched out to the front porch and sang the Cougar fight song. Our neighbors were coming out onto their porches because they could hear us. It was such an exciting time.

I would like to parallel that to the feeling I had this morning. I felt like I deserved the fight song because I completed my first 5K in a very long time. Not the first 5K of my life, I've run plenty of them. I used to run a 5K 6 mornings a week as a missionary. It's the first post-partum 5K, so that's why it's such a big deal. Having a baby CHANGES your body, people. So, it's nice to know I can still do it (with no training, mind you - I decided to participate yesterday). And it inspires me to do it again.

Dana Allison - second year med student at UofU and former running buddy when we were missionaries FIVE years ago. Thanks for pushing the baby stroller and for tolerating our 13 minute mile pace!

Johnny Quattro and Nigel's very first 5K. They did so well.

Victory at the finish line with my sisters, Carlie, Camille and Dana.

And now, in honor of my accomplishment I would like to share my version of the Cougar Fight song.

Christine has come out
And off the couch onto the pavement
Your tears will ring out
Departed ways deserve bereavement
Of double dessert and laziness
I know I can go on
Start with 5K
Do not delay
Keep running, it'll get better for me
My baby fat will be history!

CHECK IT OUT!!! I'm # 1715

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Just admit it

Isaac is in the back seat, picking his nose with great intensity. His nose actually starts to bleed.

Christine: I pick my nose too, Isaac. We just don't pick our noses in front of people.

Isaac: Yeah, you pick your nose in the back of people.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Congratulations, Jacob!

Jake ran for sophomore class council and he won! He will serve the Timpanogos Timberwolves 2008-2009 and they are lucky to have him. Here are some celebration pictures.

True Confessions of General Conference...

I'm sure we only missed the closing song, but I woke up from my own nap to snap this picture...

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Happy Birthday Jesus!

To celebrate, Johnny boy rolled over for the first time on his own and without his mom pulling his blanket to make him do it and being completely on flat ground. Way to go, dude. That would be a pretty cool present to me. And it is also Grandpa Rey's birthday and Jon Canlas's half birthday.

Oh, what a celebration we had today. Thank goodness!

Post Script - We also celebrated by doing Johnny Quattro's hair in a fashionable mohawk (sans mullet) and taking our first bites of rice cereal!

Friday, April 4, 2008

High Ya!

Johnny boy and I went with our neighbor, Gavin, to his karate class. I must admit that I used to be anti-karate but after watching this group of 5 year olds, I changed my opinion completely. The pictures are only the most action packed ones, but don't accurately represent the entire lesson. Most of the time, the kids had to be standing at attention and their instructor was teaching about self-discipline and focus and the need to be under control. I can't think of anything better to teach my 5 year old. Plus, they role-played instances of "stranger danger" where you had to run away shouting "You're not my daddy!" if anyone approached them offering candy or a ride home. Did anyone else listen to the Safety Kids? I have got to get that for my children. It's smart to be safe and it's smart to be careful. It's smart to be a safety kid.