Thursday, April 23, 2009

My children

Remember how I have children? That's plural - child + ren. I LOVE being their mother and no pressure, son, but I can't wait until you call me mom.

My little cowboy (I guess boots on = tongue out)

My little lady living large (I promise she does normally wear clothing, it's just that every time she feels the breeze, she shoots it and yes, I was too lazy to go upstairs and get her a new onesie)

In Summary

These pictures pretty much sum up how Johnny was sleep deprived every time he visited us in the hospital and explain the fact that we have no pictures as a family from our time in the hospital.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Click here NOW

You have got to see it to believe it.

Cori Henderson, I love you and thank you.

Just when you thought Evelyn could not look more precious, prepare to be amazed.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Welcome to Earth

Dear sweet Evelyn,

We love you, sweetheart. You are such a joy to have here instead of waiting for you to come. Not that this pregnancy wasn't a joy - it flew by so quickly because I was working on my prospectus for my thesis. But just that we prefer babies on the outside in this family.

You are officially 24 hours old now and your dad and I have loved spending every minute we can with you. You hardly have cried. You are eating like a champion. Johnny boy did not know what to think of you as he sat on my hospital bed and I was holding you. I think he will adjust well, though because you are so fun to be around.

You have a full head of dark hair. It is gorgeous and was shocking when Uncle Ryan held you up for all to see.

You share a birthday with your uncle beal and she even got to open presents there in your hospital room.

We started off the day with Beepa and birthday breakfast at Kneaders. Don't worry - I ate a few extra bites in your behalf.

We were waiting for the phone call to come to the hospital all day and finally at noon, we checked in and waited and waited and waited. Although the time flew by, we waited for what seemed like a long time. Obviously it was long enough for me to drink plenty of fluids.

You were born at 8:38 pm on Thursday, April 9. They gave me the medicine to induce labor and it took me until 8:30 to be dilated to a ten. Then I pushed a few times and you came right out. You didn't even cry, which worried me at first, but the nurses kept assuring me that it was alright. Your dad looked like a little boy on Christmas morning and was so excited that you were his girl. He can't wait for your hair to be long enough to put in pigtails.

After everyone had welcomed you, you went with your dad to get cleaned up and take your vitals. They scrubbed you really hard, but you didn't cry. Your dad chose red and white ribbons for your hair. (Your mom wore a yellow ribbon in her hair for the delivery to show she wasn't committed to boy or girl, but welcomed whoever came)

You have a dimple on your left cheek. After everyone left last night, your dad and I held you together in the hospital bed and just talked about our wonderful day and how much we love you.

We do love you and we look forward to sharing many more birthdays together. Welcome to Earth, sweet girl.

Love, Mom & Dad