Friday, November 2, 2012

Bros before Shows

That's a bold statement. Shows are a hot commodity 'round here. But these boys will wrestle and wear each other out and fight and apologize and share treats and share spots on the couch while watching shows and share ties to church. These pictures are on what we didn't realize but turned out to be our last Sunday in the carhouse. My visiting teacher called me today and asked if we wanted to live in a house in the ward and offered to let us rent the cabin on her ropes course property. Absolutely! We moved in tonight. Now the brothas and sista have more room to run around and a washer and dryer in the basement to make cleaning up a much easier task. Hallelujah! To quote the Vineyards, "Bendeciones!" And that's with a capital B. I have a testimony of visiting teaching. I got my best job from Jenn Foutz, one of my first VT. Camille got a job from that job. Catie and Carlie got jobs (and still have jobs!) from that job. Point being: Love your brother. And DO your visiting teaching.

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