Thursday, February 23, 2012

1 fish, 2 fish, red fish, Blue fish

Since we've rocked the little people's worlds (living in a home on wheels, going to a different ward in church every week, living out of various relative's basements, moving into a new house) I decided to make this newest transition exciting by bribing them. Evelyn still cries sometimes and wants to go "home". When I ask her where home is, the answer varies: Nigel's house, Nana's house, the carhouse, Beal's house. With a fenced in backyard, I was seriously tempted to get my children a dog, but the thought of separating them from a beloved animal when we leave again in the carhouse in the fall broke my heart. So we settled on a fish.

His name is...Blue. He is a beta fish. Johnny and Evelyn are awesome at feeding him. I am awesome at changing his water every Saturday as part of household chores. Blue is awesome at eating his food, swimming and pooping. It's a win-win situation all around and has hopefully helped with yet another transition.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Ice, Ice baby

Nana took us sledding in Midway. It was quite the adventure because there was a family there with a dog. They were generous in letting us pet their dog and play with her. There was also a playground that was partially available in the snow. The sledding was fun even though the hill was an intense climb. Climbing up a hill strategy 101 says walk in the deep foot impressions of those who have climbed before you. The duck pond was cute. It was 90% frozen over with a small opening for the ducks that were there. I was still putting layers on Davis in the car, but I looked out the window to see Johnny boy venturing out onto the ice. I screamed for his dad to go get him. Instead of venturing out, he beckoned Johnny back because he didn't think the ice would hold 2 Johnnys. Good call. Evelyn didn't have so great of luck with the ducks. She leaned a little too close and fell in. Poor girl! Freezing water. Great dad with fast reflexes to pull her right out. We hodge podged another warm outfit together for her and enjoyed the rest of the day. I think Van, Katie, Collette and Kyle had a slightly less interesting time cross-country skiing while the rest of us flirted with hypothermia.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Suckers on the slopes

Sundance was fun! We gathered together and hung out with cousins. The best part was that my kids went skiing for the first time. It was AWESOME! We walk out the front door of the cabin and throw them on the slopes with Nana and Daddy. Then I drive down beside them in the car so I get to watch for a little bit before picking them up at the base. To celebrate the victorious run, we got gigantic suckers. Thanks for hosting us, Papa and Grandma!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Tag! You're it

I never want to see my name on a tag like this again except for when I give birth. I am about to share the most painful moment of my life. Johnny and I have been living in Beal and Micah's basement for the past month. It's awesome. For child-care purposes alone, it has been a life saver. Our kids play together during the day and then when they are asleep, either set of parents can slip out relying on the other set of parents for fire duty. You know, when in the case of a fire, you are responsible for making sure all of the occupants of the home make it out safely.

So one night I wake up with discomfort in my stomach. Scotty has been kicking north lately, pushing my stomach into my throat. I can't eat a normal size portion of food, so I eat fairly constantly throughout the day in small amounts so I don't feel uncomfortable. I went upstairs to the kitchen and grabbed a cheese stick, thinking for some reason that it would settle my stomach to have something in there. I also drank a large glass of water. The pain did not go away and I tried to go back downstairs and sleep. Not happening.

The pain simply increased more and more until I woke Johnny up and asked him for a blessing. I was instructed to listen to my body and take care of it. The pain continued to persist so we both went back upstairs and I paced the room trying to stretch out my stomach. The pain took my breath away and was so persistent. I thought for sure my appendix had burst and I was suffering from toxins being let loose into my system. I told Johnny to drive me to the hospital. Totally awesome to just leave our sleeping kids because I was in incredible amounts of pain. I have never been in pain in child birth (thank you, all the German physicians who laid the groundwork for epidurals as I know them today). I have had a blood clot and that used to reign supreme as the most painful experience of my life. Move over, coagulation. Here comes heartburn.

That's right. Heartburn. I get to the hospital writhing in pain and I was positive I was going to go into surgery and kiss my appendix, or whatever pieces were left of it, goodbye. After an excruciating 30 minutes of checking to make sure the baby was okay, the doctor gave me a couple ounces of thick chalky substance and then some morphine. The official diagnosis was gastritis. The acid in my stomach was eating away at the lining of my stomach, hence the persistent and excruciating pain. I was so embarrassed, but could have kissed the nurse after administering the stuff because finally, the pain went away. I keep thinking about it, wondering if I was making it all up, but after a second attack in Park City, I was reminded of how crippling and painful it was. Yikes. Just thinking about it scares me.

Thank goodness for doctors and pain medicine and relief. Goodbye spicy food, at least for the duration of this pregnancy. I don't know if I'm brave enough to try after Scotty is born, but I think I have to try and just be prepared with the Pepto. Goodbye, name tags on my wrist and I don't want to ever see you again except for giving birth to children.