Friday, July 29, 2011

Cousin Sleepover

All of the cousins piled into the carhouse for a sleepover to break it in for us. It was a success. We found out that everything worked. Our first carhouse meal was boiling water for hot chocolate. Yum. Thanks to Beal for letting us park in front of her house and for providing popcorn treats. Thanks to Nigel for putting safety first, even when sleeping.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Hebgen Lake 2011

Let's just say that a picture is worth a thousand words and I've got pictures but no words right now. Here's to Hebgen 2011.

The words worth posting are the rhymes we made for the treasure hunt:

Ahoy Mateys!
If treasure be what ye desire today
Then here be the rules of treasure parlay
Read every clue you find with great care
When traveling by sea - LIFE JACKETS ye must wear
The treasure clues are scattered in pieces
Be sure to take ALL the nephews and nieces
There be treasure awaitin' after you've gone place to place
Everyone show me yer best pirate face!
With a yo ho ho and a bottle of tums
Get going off to the treasure, ye lazy bums!

As the crow flies from the cabin to the dock
Look a few paces up, you'll find a great rock

For the next clue, climb aboard the closest ship
Search carefully to make sure you don't tip
You can look high and you can look low
Find the clue and away you will go

Follow your waverunner cousins - it's a pirate chase
A no-wake zone that rhymes with FOOEY is the place

Well done, you found the clue, me cousins!
Now sail by the place where there are tadpoles by the dozens
Keep your eyes peeled, there's no need to get out
When you see yer next clue, just scream and shout!

Next you should travel to the island of FOWL
It doesn't smell bad, but you could hypothetically see an owl
On the island, look for the clue as hard as you can
You might see something people use to lay out to get a tan

Good job, scallywags! You don't have to walk the plank
Now on to the treasure, it's not the kind from the bank
To find the treasure, you'll have to dig
Those who don't help get thrown in the brig
Go to the volleyball court. X marks the spot
If you all work together, you won't have to dig a lot