Monday, November 26, 2012

It's a Christmas mouse in a Christmas house

Chewing on a candy cane. If you listen like an elf you will hear him crying to himself. Nibbling a window pane. Does anyone else know that song? My Christmas elves helped me decorate Nana's house while she was visiting Lance and Afton and Cosette in California. Evelyn and Davis were extremely adamant about placement of their ornaments on the kid Christmas tree. There is a high concentration of ornaments about 2 feet off the ground where these little hands could reach. Adorable. We also made our first gingerbread house. It was from a kit and it lasted just long enough for a picture and then fell apart and was consumed by all and the gumballs were confiscated to the best of my ability after I figured out what they were and spit out when I explained to Johnny that he couldn't eat them in front of his dad and even Scotty partook. So I finally got the story of why Johnny hates bubble gum. The smell of Bubblicious has always made him nauseous. One day, his little sisters, knowing this information, chased him with mouthfuls of the vile stuff. And he hid in the playhouse at his grandma's house and was attacked by hornets. So aversion plus trauma means our children think bubblegum machines are filled with poison.


Sarah said...

By any chance do you have the sheet music or know the composer to that song? I have been looking and have only found one recording of it.

Kendra said...

it's linda arnold