Saturday, April 27, 2013

Super Heroes gone awry...

Incredible Hulk style

Girl Breakfast

We went to IHop for breakfast as ladies. Then we went to the mall to get Lulu's ears pierced. Pretty crazy to think that these girl get togethers will not be as simple from here on out. Canlas' are relocating to Hawaii. So crazy! No more reasons to go to Lehi. So crazy. It's a new era. These girls will remember being together and then they are going to grow up. Crazy. I remember when we moved from California to North Carolina as a 5 year old. Crazy. That is the only word for all the change. Love our girl time.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Ode to the Canlas family

We love you guys, oh yes, we do
There's no other family quarter filipino like you
You're fun to be around, you really rock
Now on the phone, we will often talk
Hawaii is going to be your new home
We hope you come back often like the traveling gnome
We're going to miss you so much
We'll skype and call and facetime and such
Cousin power reaches across the ocean
Cousin power will cause a commotion
We want to create a traveling potion
Our hearts are full of loving emotion
Word to your mother
My sister
Or my mother
Or my Lola

Happy Gradyeeashun!

All hail, the graduate, Micheal Scott Vineyard! We are so proud of you for finishing your degree. You rock! And what a coincidence - you studied rocks! We've only got that one joke, so keep rockin'...I love the picture of Micheal Scott holding Scott!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Family Photo Shoot

Here's our first formal attempt at a family photo. Hilarious. Comical. More evidence to my mind of how much there is that I can't control in my life and how that's okay.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Super Mom

Sometimes I sing the song, "I am...Superman" but I sing, "I am...Super Mom". I like it. It makes me feel like I have super powers to accomplish what I want to do. I definitely get the song stuck in my head. Hopefully it inspires me to do super things, like clean my kitchen and sweep the floor. Today, Evelyn told her dad, "You are too much super cute, dad." Totally awesome use of a growing vocabulary.

Going Green

Osmosis over ingestion...

Saturday, April 13, 2013


I love my siblings.`I have an awesome and supportive family. And I have weird neck lines that I didn't know I was showing...

Friday, April 12, 2013

Flyin' High

Collette's baby shower was so fun. Sometimes, you just need a project to throw yourself into. And I love having different things to put my energy toward. And I love the luxury in my life where I can choose what to be involved in and how much effort to give it. Remember the good old days when people had to put all of their energy towards finding and killing and cooking their food? Such is not the case with my life and I'm grateful. It's fun to create something. And it's fun to celebrate the fact that a darling little boy is about to join the Johnston family. We did a supreme salad bar and fruit pizza cookies. I love the tradition of helping someone start out new aspects of their lives by everyone giving a little something. Tammy helped me give Collette my gift of a baby car seat cover with some embroidery on it. Zac is definitely Born to Fly. We love you, Collette and can't wait to meet this little dude.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Cake Makers

These guys are my best mixers and helpers. And they wash their hands and come in to help. I usually actually give them their own bowl of ingredients to mix ever since I learned that it was very important to me to not have them mess with my recipe and the result I want from my recipe. And they are professional spoon licker uppers.

Garden Tea Party

Evelyn's birthday party was fun. She had cousins and church friends over. We had it in the backyard with garden games and tea party food. We probably should not have had it for 2 hours. Evelyn was showered with adorable gifts. Beepa got her an elephant watering can. The back story is that she found a small silver elephant at the Mountain View tennis court park. Beepa gave it to her and said an elephant never forgets and to never forget that Beepa loves Evelyn. Adorable. Gammie got Evelyn some hair ties which are awesome because I can never see this cute girl's face. And they didn't come from me which means that she is willing to wear them because they came from Gammie. Genius, gammie. Nana provided a jewelry box. Ila and Ruby and Lulu gave a scooter! So kind. Aunts helped me set up and Johnny wrapped everything up for clean up. The best part of the birthday party was making Grandma Ila's Texas sheet cake. I've never had the icing work out without lumps. But since my sisters took me shopping in Vegas for a sifter, my sheet cake icing cannot be stopped. It really almost made me cry to have it turn out so smooth. Then Evelyn decorated it herself with pink icing. Happy Birthday, cute girl. Fun party. Fun friends. Fun presents. Fun dance moves! We love to celebrate you.