Monday, June 30, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

Three years ago, Johnny and I became a covenant couple. Who knew life could be so much fun? It was definitely worth the wait and I'm so grateful for the teamwork that pushes each of us to be our best selves for each other. Shout out to marriage and shout out to all of the memories. Keep in mind people, that marriage is all about love and being able to laugh at yourself.

Here are just a few memories from our quote book.

We were engaged and I was planning the wedding and working full time. Of course we did everything on a budget and looked for buy one, get one free. Johnny wrapped his arms around me one night after a long day of scheduling everything, intending to give me a compliment and said, "You do so many annoying things."

We were registering for gifts and Johnny fell in love with a shower curtain. He's standing in front of this shower curtain, practically drooling over it. "I don't know why I love this shower curtain so much. It's perfect. Why do I love this shower curtain?" I didn't really understand, but I didn't care and especially not if Johnny expressed an opinion about registering for gifts. We would do what he requested because we're both so laid back. Then, 3 months later, we're living in his parents' basement and I' figured out why he loved the shower curtain so much as I was in the guest bathroom looking at the exact same one.

I can't keep a secret. I get too excited and then I feel like I can't lie about it and then I ruin it. I was driving in the car before we were married and Johnny called me on the phone. A simple question was my undoing. "What are you doing?" I burst out with the truth that should have been my surprise for our wedding day. "I'm having our wedding rings engraved with our names on the inside!" What else would I be doing?

We were newly married and I was complaining about my weight. "I'm so fat," I complained. Johnny, in his sensitive and loving way, trying to encourage me to be proactive replied, "Don't SAY things like that." My ears perked up, waiting for the reassurance that I was gorgeous and skinny. He continued, "What are you going to DO about it?"

We received a tent as one of our wedding gifts and I was determined to use it. So, instead of going up the canyon, we just went "camping" in the backyard...on the deck. It rained all night and out of complete loving concern, I kept asking Johnny if he were getting wet. It would have been a romantic story of a new bride caring for her new husband except for the fact that I kept waking him up out of a dead sleep to ask him if he was okay.

I was cuddling with Johnny and looking at his hand. I kissed one of his fingers and Johnny just starts laughing. I didn't understand why it was funny and a few minutes later, after Johnny could finally stop laughing, he confessed. "I just picked my nose!"

Going to school at BYU means having a graduate student parking lot pass. However, before Johnny was born, I often justified parking illegally so that I wouldn't have to walk too far to class. Then after Johnny was born, I continued to justify parking illegally so I wouldn't have to carry the baby so far. I probably got 6 parking tickets and you are only allowed to have 7 before BYU kicks you off campus. I always paid my tickets, knowing that it was worth the $10 to me if I got caught. Horrible, I know. Johnny saw a parking ticket on my car floor and asked, surprised, "When did you get a parking ticket?" I replied with honesty, "Always."

Rhymes with Coat

Lately we have been spending a ton of time on the family boat. I say family boat because we invested with three other partners. We split our share with our business partners and close neighbors, the Welch's. In all actuality we only own 1/8 of the boat. But we're definitely getting our money's worth. We usually go out on Thursday mornings and probably 2 Saturdays a month. It's so fun to learn to wake surf and be on the water. Here are some action shots from the boat. Thanks to the Bennetts for making everything happen behind the scenes so we can enjoy the boat.

Lehi Round Up Celebration

In celebration of Lehi Round Up, Camille and I participated in the Tennis Tournament. The registration guidelines were 5th grade to adult. So, when Camille and I got there and saw that we were the only girls doubles team (there were two other mixed doubles teams), we were a little nervous. However, we finished 15-12 in the round robin play giving key losses to some top teams. We finished in the middle flight and lost in our first match to a pro coach and his 8 year old son. It was so much fun to play and we look forward to making it an annual event.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Happy Birthday, Katie!

We love you, Katie
Oh yes, we do
We don't love anyone
Like we love you
When you're not with us
We're (BYU) blue
Oh, Katie We love you!

Happy Birthday, Katie! Baby Johnny just has something to tell you. (PS - I sing Challagah to him all the time thanks to you)

Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

I love fathers. I love their willingness to fulfill their divine callings to provide, preside and protect their families. I love how the fathers in my life contribute meaningfully to their families. They give and sacrifice and work and teach to ensure happiness and progression. My father that raised me rocks the house. He is kind, caring, loving and fun to be around. When I was little, dad was trying to get the Christmas tree to fit into the stand, but even having the screws put in all the way, the trunk was too skinny. I suggested that dad use some wood chips to brace between the trunk and the screws so that the stand could keep the tree in place. I will never forget what my dad told me. He said that I should be an engineer when I grew up because I was such a problem solver. I want to be that kind of parent - the one that helps their children to understand their limitless potential. Shout out to dads that build up their children instead of putting them down.

Shout out to all those that accept the challenge to be fathers.

We celebrated at our house by having Collin, Catie, Carlie, Micah, Camille, Nigel, Papa Jerry. Mom, Callie and Isaac come over for dinner and a little American Idol competition afterwards.

We got our dad a shirt for Father's Day. When I told my primary kids it was BYU blue, they erupted into some major applause. This shirt shows off your biceps, babe. Love it.

Cate and Sue were the best rockers. Ask them to show you their dance moves, too.

Isaac was so happy because he loves country music and the songs on the boat are the same songs he has in his car! Isaac tore it up and actually knew the words to sing.

American Idol is a serious competition not for the faint of heart or vocal chords. The louder you belt it, the easier it is to sing on key, as demonstrated by me and mom doing our Reba impersonation! Good times on the microphone, people.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Old MacDonald never had anything this cute on his farm

We went with Nana, Camille, Lance, Lina and her family to the Thanksgiving Point Farms. It was fun to see (smell) all the different animals and Johnny boy enjoyed his first pony ride. Thanks, Nana for the tickets and Camille for the pictures to record the world's cutest cowboy.