Sunday, October 17, 2010

Are you my daughter?

Home girl was dipping into the spicy salsa her mom wasn't even willing to try. And PS-she learned to walk last week!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Glinda with a Gahhh

We couldn't be happier,

Right, dear?

Couldn't be happier
Right here

Look what we've got
A fairy-tale plot
Our very own happy ending

Where we couldn't be happier -
True, dear?

Couldn't be happier
And we're happy to share
Our ending vicariously
With all of you

He couldn't look handsomer

I couldn't feel humbler

We couldn't be happier

Because happy is what happens
When all your dreams come true!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Star Bellied Sneetch

Welcome to Team Covey, little Davis Covey
Your muscles are strong and your cheeks lovey dovey
Everyone says how handsome you are
They say you're the cutest baby by far
Even Sylvester McMonkey McBean
Says you're the cutest sneetch that he's ever seen

The funniest joke I ever heard...

A nurse, a certified nurse assistant and a postpartum mother are sitting in a hospital room. And the mother asks for an ice pack for her aching parts. And the nurse says, "Oh, you can have one more ice pack but then when you go home, you need heat on your aching parts. You need to bathe at least three to four times a day." That nurse obviously never gave birth, much less to more than one child. I'm feeling really good about myself for the evening shower I get in between putting three children down to bed and feedings. Three to four baths? Don't make me laugh.