Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Kitchen Mania!

I was so pleased to get into a land locked kitchen when we got home for Christmas vacation. Evelyn and I threw on our aprons and went to work making delicious treats until we were sick of it. Now I can happily go back to the motor home kitchen. I'm all baked out. For now. I still am very excited for the meals I am in charge of next week - fondue (can't do that very easily in the car house), raspberry pork tenderloin (my favorite birthday meal) and cafe rio (which we actually do quite often in the car house).


MichaelandCamilleBennett said...

I sure am grateful that you spent so much time in the kitchen cooking for all of us!... Yum, Yum, YUMMY! THANK YOU!

Ashley said...

That might be more difficult than cooking in really crummy hotel kitchens like us :) we have been living in apartment style hotels for 9 weeks at the end of this week! Can't wait to finally be in a stable place even though it is a rental ;)