Sunday, December 18, 2011

First words

Cheese and ball - Davie's first words. Not ever used together, but cheese is to communicate that he wants food, be it a cheese stick or breakfast or anything. Ball is used accurately and watch out, because this kid will throw it right in your face. Davis is eating cheese puffs because that is what the kids picked for their birthday breakfast on my birthday. It was awesome. We were alone on my birthday because our dad was attending Tony Robbins conference, but we made it a great day. Case in point, cheese puffs for breakfast, I got to watch 2 movies that were not animated and did not have talking animals, and I ate an entire pack of Snickers snack size, which at first was depressing because I thought I ate ten, but then I got over it when I figured out there were only eight in the pack. Score!

When we came home for vacation, we had a proper Kneader's cinnamon french toast breakfast along with my favorite - birthday surprises. I did get presents that I knew were coming - I picked them out myself - a white tennis skirt, and two pink tennis tops (thank you, adidas outlet for $10 presents for me!). Then Katie and Van got me the SURPRISE - some boots that Johnny happily modeled. Yay! Happy Birthday to me!

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