Saturday, December 17, 2011

Happy Birthday, Gammie!

We got to stop by and see Grandma LL and Grandpa Rey on our way home for Christmas vacation. And it just happened to be right before my mom's birthday. I love explaining to my kids who everyone is. Gammie is my mommy and Grandma Laura Lee is Gammie's mommy! They are always so shocked at first and then they repeat these geneological facts to me later to confirm that they have understood. "Gammie is your mommy?" "Yes, and Beal is my sister!"

We got Gammie a surprise for her birthday this year. We just gave her the address and the phone number and let her know that even if she picked out the most expensive thing in the store, it was still in our birthday budget. So Gammie texted me to let me know that she googled the address of the place and she was a little bit nervous because it came up as a tattoo parlor and were we really thinking of going that direction for her birthday??? HA! Love it. However, we did NOT get my mother a tattoo for her birthday.

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