Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Bells are Ringing

Hear what they say to you!
Here's what they say to me:

I love being with my family. I love celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. Singing through the Nativity is one of my favorite parts of Christmas. I was touched by the scripture of Mary keeping all these things in her heart. She had a lot to keep. My heart is full as I learn the lessons Heavenly Father provides for me. Christmas gifts are fun to give and receive. Kids play with the first gifts they open and pretty much don't care about the rest. Kids love the dollar toys as much as the expensive ones. There is nothing like the feeling of flying paper as people are ripping into their stuff. Wrapping paper is tricky - it can end up anywhere. Surprises are fun. Christmas breakfast is delicious and necessary sustenance for all that is required on Christmas morning. Only attending one hour of church is awesome and difficult in a different ward when you choose to sit in the back and kids just want to run around the gym. Extended family adds an additional aspect to Christmas - lots of people, lots of fun. Missionary skype calls are the best. I enjoyed seeing Sister Davis and Elder Covey at peace with what they are doing right now and enjoying their work. Christmas feels good. I'm glad we could be with people we love to celebrate it.

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