Friday, December 2, 2011

Happy Birthday, Grandpa Dee!

Thanks to the Davis' for hosting all of us for Grandpa's birthday party. Evelyn loved the cupcakes. Johnny boy loved the pie. And we all got to enjoy being together. Grandpa has 3 boys. I grew up always thinking I would have all boys and always thinking that they would all be blonde. I'm good on the blondies and pretty even on the boys and the girls. It's funny how you picture what you think your family will be and then you actually grow up and have them and you have nothing to say about what they look like or their sweet personalities. Grandpa Dee is a good man. He will sing to you with all he's got on your birthday. He plays peanuckle once a week with his cronies. He is quick to laugh and share a joke. I remember going to his house as a little girl and having cousin gatherings. I remember being shocked when I went to his backyard and his pool was no longer there. I remember his neighbor boy that chased me with dog poo on a shovel because he knew I would run. I remember white trees in his front yard and the skin peeled off in a lovely way. I remember his car that talked to you and said, "Your door is ajar. Your door is ajar." And I thought they meant the door was a jar...

Happy Birthday, Grandpa! Thanks for a fun party.

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