Monday, April 1, 2013

WWF Mania

If Johnny boy were in the WWF his name might be Vinyl Mask Man. Davis would be Smilin' Surfer Dude. In the real world of wrestling, our uncle just got home from taking his son to the NCAA tournament in Iowa. They watched hundreds of matches. Johnny wrestled in highschool. My wrestling story from highschool comes from being a teacher's assistant to the boys wrestling coach. He taught science. He was an honorable family man. He was good with students and he matched his name - Coach Mello. Was that really his name? Am I making that up? Oh, no. My memory serves me correctly. My bladder control often fails me, but score one for my memory. I just looked it up and he is STILL coaching at GVHS and his full name is Chopper Mello. He asked me to come help at a wrestling tournament. He was flustered the morning of the event, I assume a young coach hosting one of his first tournaments, tons of coaches and players asking him questions, he was running around trying to get all of the logistics in place. He was bummed because he forgot to ask someone to sing the national anthem. He looked at me and asked if I sang and I said yes. And he asked if I would sing the national anthem and to my embarrassment today looking back at who I was then, I said no. Why would I do that? Why couldn't I help a brother out and take away one thing that was stressing him out? Chopper, if you'll let me call you that, really, I only used to call you Coach even though you never coached me which is strange because I only called Ms. Rafel, Ms. Rafel because she never was my coach, but Chopper, I'm sorry I didn't sing for you. If Johnny and Davis grow up to be wrestlers and travel to the GVHS tournament that you host, I would sing the National Anthem for you. I hope your other teaching assistants were more helpful and less prideful than me. I also hope that my children get to be influenced by coaches in their lives as dedicated as the ones I have. Wahoo for organized athletics. Wahoo for spandex singlets and vinyl masks.

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