Monday, April 1, 2013

Cousin Party

We gathered together at Ivory Ridge Clubhouse to be together - Grandma Laura Lee and Grandpa Rey McCombs. Grandma provided Cafe Rio and rootbeer floats and prizes for the memory game where you go around the room and if you roll a double or seven or eleven, you get to go to the table and choose a treat or a toy or a toothbrush with printing on it 'Dr. Rey H. McCombs - Use the fuzzy end!'. Great memories were shared. I remember wrestling with Uncle Sterling until I cried. I remember Uncle Morgan carrying me from Grandma's apartment to my house because I had fallen asleep and Kristen and Morgan were engaged and we used to deliver campaign materials door to door because he was running for office and I was so nervous that he could tell that I was wearing a diaper because I still wet the bed. So I tried to keep it cool and pretend to stay asleep and held very still so the swish of the diaper against my blanket wouldn't happen so he wouldn't know. Catie remembered opening her eyes during a family prayer and seeing Grandpa touch Grandma where he normally never would have touched her if everyone's eyes were open. Hilarious. Especially for Catie, who has clear boundaries of appropriate and inappropriate touching. This is the girl who screamed, 'Virtue!' if you ever bumped into her in what she considered the wrong way. This is the wrong sister for your husband to mistake for being your sister while he is helping you move into your Orem house when you're a senior in highschool and he bopped you on the bottom thinking you were his wife. Sorry about that, again, Catie. Brennon was remembered for the results of a paristaltic wave running down his leg that he tried to blame on mud puddles that didn't exist. I remember early morning cousin birthday breakfasts and driving to Hill Cumorah with Forever Family Club t-shirts and visiting Aunt Lynnette and she gives you a high five for your Paragonah driver's license even though you are only 14 years old. And Grandma used to make cupcakes with cotton balls on the inside for April Fool's Day and why did I not remember that to make them for the cousin party that she threw on April Fool's?! Fun cousin memories. Fun cousin party. Thanks for gathering us and hosting the party, Grandma and Grandpa!!

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