Thursday, April 11, 2013

Garden Tea Party

Evelyn's birthday party was fun. She had cousins and church friends over. We had it in the backyard with garden games and tea party food. We probably should not have had it for 2 hours. Evelyn was showered with adorable gifts. Beepa got her an elephant watering can. The back story is that she found a small silver elephant at the Mountain View tennis court park. Beepa gave it to her and said an elephant never forgets and to never forget that Beepa loves Evelyn. Adorable. Gammie got Evelyn some hair ties which are awesome because I can never see this cute girl's face. And they didn't come from me which means that she is willing to wear them because they came from Gammie. Genius, gammie. Nana provided a jewelry box. Ila and Ruby and Lulu gave a scooter! So kind. Aunts helped me set up and Johnny wrapped everything up for clean up. The best part of the birthday party was making Grandma Ila's Texas sheet cake. I've never had the icing work out without lumps. But since my sisters took me shopping in Vegas for a sifter, my sheet cake icing cannot be stopped. It really almost made me cry to have it turn out so smooth. Then Evelyn decorated it herself with pink icing. Happy Birthday, cute girl. Fun party. Fun friends. Fun presents. Fun dance moves! We love to celebrate you.

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mackyton said...

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