Saturday, October 13, 2012


Game day is awesome when you win no matter what! The Beavers took the win on the field and Scott takes the win for cutest Cougar. Elder Covey mailed a Beavers t-shirt because he was serving in Corvallis. It was a great day in the Covey house because we didn't care who won. We were cheering for every play. I'm almost sure Holly, Cutter, Breaker and Raeder Mendenhall felt the same way because Bronco played safety and linebacker and was team captain for OSU during his college football career. He also got his master's degree there and was defensive coordinator. It was a win-win today no matter what happened. The Beavers took the W on their record 42-24. Go Beavers. Go Cougars. Go Elder Covey!!!

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