Monday, October 8, 2012

Semi-annual General Conference

Annual General Conference is in April. Semi-annual hits us up in October. Fun fact for you. It was so fun to be with Mangus' and we took a bike ride in the canyon in between Saturday sessions. We blitzed caramel apples while the men went to priesthood and went to visit Tammy Lee Jett, the tiniest human I've seen in a long time. Van made crepes. Nana and Papa took kids on the 4 wheeler. Prophets of God bore testimony and taught truth. I felt especially the urgency of the second coming of the Messiah. The Savior is coming and more and more I am going to be peculiar from the world. And that is a good thing. And I can make that distinction with all the confidence in the world because God's ways are not my ways, but I have chosen Him. I also felt the urgency of my parenting choices. My children will pretty much solidify their personalities in the next few years and I am excited to step it up to cultivate their best qualities that they came with and to teach them to love and to serve on another and to have faith and to repent. General Conference was fantastic this time around. Especially because Scotty learned his dad's favorite trick.

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Collette said...

no way! He is SOOO cute. I want to cuddle with him and hold him so bad! Love the updates. Miss you like crazy.