Monday, October 22, 2012

Daddy Daughter Dancing

This man is an excellent dancer. I knew I could marry him when he took me dancing on our first date and he could put me up in the air. This girl is a babe. She sings songs to Scotty all the time. This is a Scotty scong. (Not a typo) You are my Scotty. Sleep, baby, sleep. I love Scotty. Adorable. She brought home a picture from nursery that shocked me. It had her name on it filled in by the the teacher for the phrase My name is _______. Then the teacher had written the shocker with the number 3. I have ___ brothers. What? She has 3 brothers! It was shocking to see on paper even though of course we live it and I know it. She's my girl. And she's the only sister. Crazy! This dancing happens fairly often, but was captured on film at McKenzie Felt's dreamy wedding. Thanks for the picture!

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