Thursday, October 4, 2012

And that was when I kissed her

Johnny and I went out to a glow in the dark dance. It started with a whisper, meaning, after a night of dancing with other sweaty glow in the dark people, we got to hear that guy from that band sing his song. The venue was totally awesome. Our cousin uses it to recruit people to his sales team. It was an impressive evening with JDawg's and Sammy's catering. Yum. Very effective recruiting technique as opposed to TrendWest sales technique, where they bully you or shame you or hold you hostage for three hours to try to wear you down into saying yes to their 18% interest rate. I'll know I'm grown up when I own TrendWest, just not purchased directly from them. It's cheaper to pay cash online. Maybe if TrendWest switched to glow in the dark dance parties, they would have a higher closing rate...

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