Saturday, October 29, 2011

Wedding Bells

One of my dearest friends, Dana Allison, got married in Arizona and I was so happy to be able to put it on our schedule. We just happened to be home in Utah for some appointments and so we drove to Arizona on our way for the next appointment in Los Angeles. It was great to be able to be there, to meet her husband and her three new children. She was nervous about becoming a mom - more so, I think than becoming a wife. I told her, "You'll do great! You'll do awful! And you'll do great. And you'll do awful." It's just how it works. The learning curve of parenting is steep and then smooth and you just have to take the lessons as they come. Parenting is fun. Children are fun. I was talking on the phone and the customer service representative heard my children in the background. He said, "What a blessing!" And it was so refreshing because normally people are wondering how I've kept my sanity with three children. And children can get crazy. They operate on different rules than adults do. Or maybe the same rules, but adults lie to each other. Yes, that's probably it.

Regardless, I know Dana will do great at being a mom. Likewise I know she'll do a crummy job sometimes too. And that's awesome. Not awesome, as in, ha ha, you stink and that makes me feel better about the stinky job that I do. But awesome, as in, what a cool way to learn about ourselves and to learn about our Heavenly Parents and Their perfect love for us made manifest through the birth and life and death and resurrection of Their only Begotten.

Congratulations, Dana and Festus and family!

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