Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Metal Mouth

I have noticed that when I speak, I have a lisp. Totally weird. I didn't used to have one and then I have one. I had an internal retainer cemented in because when my grandpa gave me the option of retainers, I did not want to be the kid jumping onto the lunch tray conveyor belt because I forgot that I left my retainer next to my tater tots. So I got the internal one. 15 years have passed since it's been put in and that means pieces have fallen off and it has deteriorated to practically nothing. So that means my lisp formed and it freaked me out.

The solution came in actually getting a bigger lisp because of a take out, put in, but really I just wear it all the time so it can work it's magic, retainer. Chad Rowan, the boy who taught me 7 Habits in highschool, offered to make me a complimentary retainer. How kind! He fitted me for it and made it himself in his dental office. I'm so grateful because braces are not appealing to me right now at this stage of my life. Although they will be the permanent solution when I do choose to take the time to fix my teeth.

For now, just call me Metal Mouth.

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