Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

We were in El Segundo, California and after we went trick or treating, we set up camp chairs on the corner because no one was knocking on the motorhome door, for some reason...
Our kids paid tribute to our siblings. I figure this is the last Halloween that I can control what they are dressed up as. Although I do remember that my mom dressed me up as a victim of PMS when I was 9 or 10. I didn't understand really what PMS was, but I wore a robe with tootsie roll wrappers pinned to me and my hair was ratted to maximize volume with more candy wrappers nestled within my hair. And I had to have been willing, but I didn't know really what I was. But I did know that people laughed their heads off when I told them what I was.

So, here we have Davis, the missionary (Jacob)
Evelyn, the Park City teacher who likes to clean for fun (Collette)
Johnny, the UofU student who has a slight mohawk and wears Vnecks and jeans (Van)
Everyone was super confused at the doors, but the kids loved the magic that happened when they said trick or treat and put out their bags. It was awesome to watch them understand for the first time. Next year will be even more fun.

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