Friday, October 28, 2011

First Deal

When we look back at where it all started, we have to go to Kanab, Utah. And we actually did drive through Kanab on our way down to Arizona. John & Kathleen had invested in the Redrock Country Inn but they wanted to sell it because it was so stressful to manage long distance. Johnny found the buyer that would put their son in as the on site manager and helped them get rid of the property. When we drove by, it looked like they had made a lot of improvements. I'm so curious what Johnny boy will love doing - what he will choose to support his family with. It's exciting to start somewhere. We all know the real first deal was when Johnny got bought out by the golf course because he was selling used golf balls right outside the pro shop for cheaper than the guy was selling them inside. So the poor golf pro came out and bought everything Johnny had to eliminate his competition. Great for both sides. Johnny boy, feel free to make your millions on golf balls or motels or whatever you want!

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