Monday, October 19, 2009

Off to the Races again

Tom Felt is our uncle, Kathleen's brother. What a great man. Besides being a great race car driver (and winning a spot on the pedestal when he thought he would only take 5th in the stock car race) he is a good man. He is kind and generous. He is smart. And he is a supportive dad. I'm grateful for good examples in my life and Tom is one of them.

When Tom was young (he is a twin, the youngest of 12 children) he would hear his mother tell him they were rich in love. Tom said, "Well, when I grow up I want to be rich in love AND money". He got an early start on the money making side of things when he went door-to-door as a five or six year old. He took (stole) soap from his mother's food storage supply in the basement and made a sign: Bars of soap 10 cents each or 2 for a quarter.

Johnny learned a lot from Tom. Tom drove down to Mexico with his kids for a humanitarian project and let Johnny come along as a teenager. Johnny just picked his brain for the entire 15 hour drive on how things are done. Tom was generous with his expertise. Johnny came back from Mexico a smarter guy and with his family's help, Johnny found, fixed and flipped a home to pay for his mission. Thanks for your generosity, Tom and congratulations on your big win.

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