Sunday, October 4, 2009

Harvesting from my garden of kinder

One time I got to pick up my nephew, Isaac from school. It is a darling brick building with teachers that double as traffic flow coordinators who care way too much about which car goes where in the afternoon chaos. Don't they know that we are adults here? We could just figure out how to get out of the horribly engineered parking lot on our own and probably faster than they wave us through in take your turn lanes.

So Isaac is an official kindergardener. He is SO darling. At my house, I was mortified when I saw a little mouse run from the basement to behind the couch. Isaac made an astute observation.
I: I see what your problem is.
Me (in my mind): Please tell me you only see one problem with me.
I: You've got a mouse because you've got fishy crackers all over your kitchen floor.
Me (in my mind): Please don't tell your mom that I haven't swept my kitchen floor in a month.
I: Fishy crackers are made of cheese and mice love cheese.

So Isaac came with me to do errands and listened as I made my list.
Me: 1. We're going to get wood.
I: Wood? Why are you going to buy wood?
Me: I'm giving it to a girl for her birthday. (I put her name on it in vinyl and painted it)
I: That's crazy. She doesn't want wood! She wants toys.
Me: 2. We're going to get weed killer. 3. Mouse traps.
I: You need more than three mousetraps! You've got a herd of mice at your house. That means we need about one million traps.

I love this kindergardener.


MichaelandCamilleBennett said...

Too cute... I just love reading your blog! Love you!

Camille said...

Man I love you guys! I'm totally jealous of you all hanging out together. Isaac is so cute. Thanks for sharing.