Monday, March 23, 2009

Wedding bells are ringing

We went to Genna Gardner's wedding reception at Highland Gardens (the same place where Collette and Kyle held their reception) and had a fun time. Katie was a part of the wedding party. She and Johnny busted a few moves out on the dance floor.


AFTER - Notice the smile is definitely bigger because he learned how to chew THROUGH the chocolate wrapper. I used to give him candy to play with, but that has gone out the window now that he realizes what is beneath the shiny wrapper. Really, Johnny rarely gets extra sugar. It's a big deal at our house when I feed him the instant oatmeal that has apple cinnamon flavor and sugar instead of the old-fashioned plain oats. And I felt bad about it. Don't worry - I eat enough sugar for the both of us.

I even jumped out on the dance floor. I don't know why I am grabbing Johnny's stomach here. Is it an offensive move to prevent him from grabbing mine first? He did twirl me around by the stomach at the New Year's dance...

Collyle's wedding was fun too. Here is our song we wrote in honor of them.
(To the tune of Lion King: Can you feel the love tonight?)
KATIE: Can’t you see what’s happening?
JAKE: What?
KATIE: They don’t have a clue?
JAKE: Who?
KATIE: They’ll fall in love and here’s the bottom line. Our trio’s down to two.
The adventure of summer selling
There’s bug fumes everywhere
And with all this romantic atmosphere
Love’s destined to appear (Bird call)

They met one summer morning
A training meeting for the crew
They went out to see Indian Jones
He said, “Can I pay for you?”

Collette called to say “I’m dating!”
We thought, “Yeah, right. This is just a phase”
Collette was the perfect daughter to us
She had a new crush every 10 days

Who is this boy from Georgia?
He’s a gentleman to the core
He’s athletic, fun, smart and a pilot
But he doesn’t lock his car door

Off to a group date up the canyon
Kyle said, “Are you sure you want to wear that?”
“Why not? Don’t you like this ugly sweater?”
CHRISTINE: Do you think it makes me look fat?

Can you feel the mushy-gushy love tonight?
For some of you it’s been a while
This new Johnston family start their lives together
Touch down sign…Collyle!

It was a beautiful day.


Gina said...

I don't see the chubby face you are talking about. You are a hotty at 9 months prego. Be proud!

MichaelandCamilleBennett said...

I love reading your blog. Thanks for being "nursing entertainment" while I feed Afton! =)

Hello My Name is: Genevieve said...

I am so glad you guys were there!