Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sundance Celebration

Every February, Stephen Covey lets Papa (his brother) use his Sundance cabin. So everyone that can come crams into the cabin for what is always a week full of fun, food, movies, card games, skiing, snowboarding, playing with cousins and everything else fun you can imagine. You get assigned a meal or two to provide for all 50 extended family members so it's good training on cooking for large groups. I have a hard enough time making sure all the parts of our meals for 3 of us are orchestrated and on the table warm at the same time. This year was a hit - we did soup - a treat after a morning on the mountain.

This year, Lance pretended to be a Martian invader with ski goggles. Or at least that is what the look on Johnny's face says.

Take me to your leader!

One morning, Johnny led a group in Yoga.

Inner peace. We do not wash our pits in the pool of sacred tears.

It's so fun to be together, turn off the internet and cell phones, and relax. Thanks to Stephen, Papa, and Grandma for making it all happen.

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