Monday, March 16, 2009

#8 Seed

Congratulations, BYU Mens Basketball for advancing to the NCAA tournament for the 24th time. We took Johnny to a few of the home games this season. Here, we are geared up to watch Kyle participate in the half-time festivities for cash. He practiced all day only to find out they were postponing his appearance. So we went back for the real deal and Kyle walked away $50 richer thanks to his free throw shooting abilities. Free throws win championships, Kyle. You are a champion. Forget about the missed three pointer and half court shot. They were close. Free throw makers are reliable, dependable and we know we can count on you to seal the deal.

Papa and Nana holding their 2 boys.

Johnny is obviously enthralled by his front row seat. Check out those chunky cheeks! His cheeks are seriously so thick - we think at least 3 times as thick as ours. We love to kiss them and feel very comfortable that he has some food storage packed away in case of times of famine.

We sat in the upper bleachers and still got a good view of the game. Don't worry - we hung out long after the game was over, hence the empty bleachers. The cougars know how to pack the house.


Camille said...

awesome action shot of Nohnny. Nigel is asking for him all the time so tell him we said hi. T minus 23 days!

Meg and Abe said...

Kristine, you chopped your hair off! It looks really cute. I can't believe you didn't have an entire post dedicated to something that big!

Amy said...

I love the pics of Little J. He's a cutie and has such nice hair. Do I see a tint of red??

I'm about to make my selections in our family NCAA March Madness tournament (for no money of course). Go Cougars!

Oh, that pic of the "tree incident" was crazy. An nice gash. Maybe you should tell him to avoid the trees next time. :)

Bobbi, Troy, Brooklyn said...

We are doing wonderful-thanks for the comment on our blog! Basketball is over sadly.... :-( My girls did really well and they were a ton of fun to coach! I didn't get to play much as the ladies team had a forfeit a lot of our games due to injury, sickness etc. How exciting that you are only 3 weeks from another litte Covey! We will be excited to hear of the news when it happens! I wish I were having another soon...