Saturday, March 1, 2008

Would have, could have, should have

Tonight we went to the BYU-Air Force Mens Basketball game at the Marriott Center. The cougars took their 46th victory in a row at home, continuing to set a national record. The night was full of action, or should I say, missed opportunities for action.

Let me explain with exhibit A.

You might think I'm trying to rub Trent Plaisted's 5 turnovers in his face, but that is not the case. Trent's fifth and final turnover was a pass to Jonathan Tavernari, who couldn't quite get to it but gave a hurculean effort on his way out of bounds and propelled himself to the handrails right in front of us. He used his momentum to jump up toward the seats rather than into the railing. He was literally right in front of Johnny. I told Johnny he could have kissed him, he was so close and why didn't he take advantage of that opportunity? I would not have been jealous.

Exhibit B - Pay special attention to the lips. Think of yourself if given the same opportunity. Would you have gone for it?

We tried to win a shirt from the cheerleaders and even though they couldn't throw worth beans, they kept managing to get them past the first row (barely), where we were sitting (Thanks, Grandma and Grandpa Felt for the great tickets!) We settled for a picture with Cosmo instead.

Go Cougars! We ended the night with a phone call to Beepa, who actually played on the basketball team for the Air Force Academy back in 1976, to report the results of the game. Way to go, daddy-O!


The Dixons said...

Of course I'd have kissed that guy!! Mostly, I want to kiss and snuggle with Johnny - Baby Johnny, of course. He's so dang cute and growing fast. I wish I could meet him. Someday maybe our kids can play together.

Megs said...

I miss going to the games. Sounds like it was so fun. At least Covey knows how you feel about him kissing for next time. LIttle Johnny is so cute!