Sunday, March 16, 2008

a letter to my baby boy

dearest johnny boy,

Thanks for being so good all week in Los Angeles even though you were not feeling well. Thanks for traveling so nicely on the very first flight you've ever been on. Thanks for being good for the babysitter while your dad and I got to go see Wicked, the musical. That's Ga-linda, with a Gaaaa.

Thanks for napping so well so I could do my homework in the hotel room and attend the lectures to learn more from BJ Dohrmann. Thanks for being so cute so that everyone at the conference wanted to be your friend. Thanks for cheering me on when we got back home and the car ran out of gas and I had to run around getting a gas can and gasoline and finally getting the gas lid open. You are a trooper. Thanks for being so good during primary today while I was leading music and your dad was in California still and couldn't be with you. Thanks for waiting all the way through primary for me to change your poopy diaper. Thanks for sleeping through the night again. I really appreciate getting my sleep. I love you so much.




Hannah Stevenson said...

Awesome! What a good boy!

Megs said...

I am so jealous that you got to see Wicked. I love the music. I am really glad baby Johnny cooperated on the trip. I wish I could see you as song leader. I know you are amazing at it!!

Amy D. said...

This is such a cute letter. Johnny sounds like a dream child. I'm sooooo happy for you he's starting to sleep through the night. I couldn't believe what a different person I felt like when I started getting a full night's sleep again. Yea for you!