Monday, March 10, 2008

A little under the weather

Johnny boy is feeling sick and it is so sad to hear him cough and have a runny nose. That is pain in its purest form - watching your children suffer. So, being sick we shouldn't be getting on a plane to go to southern California, but we are. Maybe the sunshine will be good for Johnny boy. I hope he travels comfortably.

Since we're sick, we should be staying home and watching a movie. Which would you choose?

We went to Be Kind, Rewind with Carlie last week and it was fantastic. You'll have to see it to understand what sweding means, but we liked the way ours turned out. It was hilarious. Thank you, Jack Black. Just don't magnetize all of the orphans at the mission.


Megs said...

You know me, I am sucker for Tom Cruise. Okay, not as much anymore, but in college I loved him!! Sorry baby Johnny is sick. I hope he gets better soon!

Amy D. said...

Your trip to Cali sounded interesting to say the least! I'm so sorry Johnny was sick. Having a sick baby is the WORST. Traveling with babies is almost the worst and if you combine the two your trip must have been a doozy. I hope he's better and that you did have a fun time.