Sunday, December 2, 2007

This boy is an angel - This corn is an angel...

Johnny is such a joy to have in our lives. He truly is an angel. We can't believe how much time we just spend looking at him and loving him. We can't decide who he looks like, but we definitely think that he is handsome. Today, we went to his 2nd cousin's blessing, Joseph Edward Covey, son of Wid and Suzy. He wore a little vest and tie - he looked dapper, for sure.

Here he is at the end of the day, just hanging out in the warm, soft blanket Aunt Suzy gave him.

We are preparing for Thanksmas this weekend. It's an extra holiday with a little blend of Thanksgiving and Christmas that my sister invented so that we could spend time with our dad without the pressure of coordinating schedules during the holidays the rest of the world recognizes. I will shop for the food on Thursday, pick up the T-shirts on Friday and wash all of the bedding and towels to get ready because we're hosting everyone (all 23 of us) at our house. It's going to be a blast.

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