Sunday, December 16, 2007

Party of two isn't a fun party

So this week Johnny was gone to a conference in California. It was really great and he met a lot of people and I'm going with him to the next one in March. But 7 days is a LONG time to be away from someone that you are totally in love with. I'm just about to leave to go the airport to pick him up. I am excited out of my mind to say the least.

Here are Johnny and I without our radical husband and father. We might look happy, but we are really sad. Well, I look happy and Johnny looks like he's ticked because he's got midget arms. Maybe I'm smiling because Jesus is looking over our shoulders...

The cool thing (well, it was actually uncool because Johnny was gone) was that my birthday was Friday and I was SHOWERED with great gifts. My mom and sisters took me to lunch at PF Chang's where I got to eat my favorite - crispy honey shrimp. And their presents were fun to open - it's always a surprise what they get me and they always choose something great.

Then, I spent the night at Mom and Dad Covey's where they served me breakfast in bed - banana bread and eggs - another favorite. Then I opened my presents from them and it's never a surprise because you get to pick out exactly what you want, which is fantastic. Then they wrap it up for you and you unwrap it at your breakfast in bed, even though you know exactly what you're getting. I get the best of all worlds.

Okay, enough typing. We're hopping in the car to pick up big Johnny. He consented last week to be big Johnny and then our son is little Johnny. I can only hope little Johnny will outgrow his dad so that the nicknames will eventually switch and 40 year old Johnny will have to go by little Johnny because 16 year old Johnny will be bigger than him.

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Hannah Stevenson said...

Happy Birthday Christine!