Sunday, November 25, 2007

Cougar Football

BYU beat the University of Utah yesterday. Although we do have siblings attending the U and we have great respect for their medical school, we are glad we beat them on the football field. BYU 17 U of U 10. Way to go, Cougars!

Johnny knit (or crocheted - I'm not really sure about the difference between the two because I don't do a lot of either) these hats as a missionary in Ireland, knowing that one day he would have a son to wear them with. Don't get me wrong. He'll let his daughters wear them too, but it's not his girls that are going to be suiting up on the football field.

Go Cougars!


Micah and Camille Anderson said...

That is the coolest thing ever. I love all of you even more now and yes, go cougars!

Hannah Stevenson said...

Okay Covey,

I am TOTALLY impressed that you made those hats...seriously! Go Cougars!