Saturday, September 15, 2012

Sitting on the fence

I'm sitting on the fence on this issue. Thanks to Camille Bennett for capturing the awesome visual to go with this post. These kids were attending our cousin's adorable wedding at the red barn. It was full of fun things like hay bales to sit (or nap) on, water lines spraying in the field next to us to keep everything cool, programs for the ceremony printed on fans so you could cool yourself off and know what was going on at the same time, jars of jam for your favors as you left the dance party, an all girl string band that jammed nicely, bridesmaids in boots, corn fields for little kids to pee in and the only other Beepa I've met. He was dishing up some delicious salads and told his granddaughter, "Beepa can help you in just a minute." I told him about our Beepa and he told me about his wife being called Mee-Maw. Adorable. I'm going to be Gran. Johnny will be Papa, I can only assume, but I want to be Gran. If I get to have any say in it. Yet, back to the task at hand. My fence sitting.
Johnny boy just got a new fish and I can't decide if I like that or not. We went to the Timpanogos Carnival and a girl came up after everything was closed and offered him a fish. I flushed his last fish down the toilet. I told him so. I didn't hide it or anything. We were moving and I had tried to give him away and it didn't work out. I know Blue, the Betta fish is still alive out there because he survived our absence to Montana for 11 days when I forgot to get a fish sitter. No food for 11 days way back when means he's doing just fine in the sewer system now.

I said yes at the carnival because he's been asking for another fish. Goldie is upstairs in the kitchen at Nana and Papa's house in a tupperware. His feeding instructions say twice a day. And I don't know that I want this responsibility. Pets are fun, but I'm into humans right now. Four baby ones and one grown up one. So I'm trying to decide if I want the work that goes along with this fun. Johnny was adorable this morning and told me Goldie likes me so much and really likes it when I take care of him. I think my son can sense that I'm on the fence on this one and he's trying to push me in the right direction. We'll figure it out, but I can see it going both ways. If Goldie can survive the bag squeezing Johnny gave him yesterday, he just might survive in this family if I forget to feed him. We'll see.

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