Thursday, September 27, 2012

Happy Birthday, Davis!

Our Davie boy is turning 2
We want to celebrate with you

He's sporting his long and blond hair do
He's quick to often say "Yuv you"

He likes to wear and HIDE your shoe
He's a joyful boy, it's true

Books, he'll sit and read quite a few
He wrestles with the best of the crew

He kisses Scott til he's black and blue
He just might eat more cake than you

So come celebrate with us!
Dinner and Outdoor Big Screen Movie
Thursday, September 28 
6:30 pm food and festivities
8:00 pm Movie

We had so much fun. Nachos with homemade enchilada sauce so we could smother and broil if we so desired. And we did. We wrote a MadLib story about Davis, the blue triceratops who liked to eat chicken and is allergic to steak and follows directions. Davis made out like a bandit with all of the awesome books he received from his loving family. My personal favorite were the old school scripture books - Grandma and Papa Covey gave us 3 from their treasured set. My second personal favorite was the Hello, Texas book from Beepa and Nannie. Texas, we want to come visit you, soon. We finished our party with an indoor movie with Malcolm and Laura Felt and family-warmer and well, definitely warmer than the outside option. Happy Birthday, Davis!

Davis, we love you so much. You are an adorable child. You kiss Scottie all the time. You give hugs to Johnny and Evelyn. You cuddle in the morning. You love doing things by yourself. You run and romp and wrestle but if you get hurt or fall down, you easily jump up without crying (high pain tolerance or high frequency equals normal). You have a killer smile and when you're concentrating, you put your tongue on the inside of your cheek. You love to sit and read books. I can't bring myself to cut your blonde hair because I always dreamt of raising blonde boys and you are my dream come true. When I was in Vegas on my sisters trip, you told me you loved me for the first time over the phone. It was so tender. I love you, Davie. Mom


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MichaelandCamilleBennett said...

Awe, happy birthday sweet boy! We love you!!! Your birthday party looked like a BLAST and your Mommy sure did do a lot of fun and creative planning, as always, to show you how much she loves you. You are one lucky boy to have the loving and righteous parents you have. Love for eternity, Aunt Camille