Monday, September 17, 2012

Potty Talk

So Ila came to spend the week at our house to help me potty train Evelyn. This has been a process that has been going on for almost 2 years now. I was completely inconsistent and distracted and finally everything clicked, with Ila's help. The only time Evelyn had put a BM in the toilet was when Ila had talked her through it at Nigel's house. So I tried to get Eve to go at Nigel's house with Ila on the phone but, no go. We went for the real deal, in person. And eventually, it worked! I only have faint memories of Evelyn pooping in her underwear, every other day because she would hold it in. I haven't blogged about it because I haven't wanted to jinx anything, but it has been almost 2 weeks of Evelyn voluntarily going on the toilet putting her BM in there. HEAVEN!!! My life is heaven. Here's the quotes while Ila was there.

We had been making a batch of zuchinni bread every day because Beal had monstrous vegetables delivered from her neighbor. Delicious. And Ila ate some every day and loved it. On the last day, I must have grated extra big pieces because Ila stopped mid-bite, "Are there vegetables in here?"

Ila ran around practically non-stop wearing some extremely high heels from the dress up box. She was so cute, complaining about not being able to walk in them, but refusing to take them off. She dressed Evelyn up and they walked in together. Ila was so proud when she stated, "I'm the fashion queen!" And Evelyn was even more proud when she said, "I'm the kicker!" Ila whispered in her ear the correction, "Sidekick!"

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